THE Biggest Slot Wins Ever!

At heart it is everyone’s hope that they’ll get their chance to hit that one big life changing win.

When embarking on any casino playing adventure it is, of course, best to keep in mind that you’re main aim ‘should be’ the simple act of having fun, letting your hair down, and enjoying some great game play.

This being said it would be naive to think that that thought of bagging a life changing win wasn’t at the back of most players’ minds, at least when they begin playing at online casinos.

Well, it does happen!

And, for a few extremely lucky players, that glistening, shining, and ever illusive idea of winning BIG whilst playing the Online Slot Machines became so much more than they ever could have imagined.

Read on below to see who those lucky winners were and exactly what they were doing when they cashed in!

Top 5 Record Big Slot Wins
Remarkably, all of these Top 5 Record Slot Winners in fact won from the same amazing game!

That game was Megabucks!

So, without further comment, here, in reverse order, are five of the biggest ever slot wins on record!

At Number 5 – $21.3 Million from Megabucks
Well, they say that one spin is all it takes and in this case it was pretty close when, on the 1st of June 1999, a 49-year old business consultant, put a tiny $10 in the Megabucks slot machine at Caesars Palace.

That was it and within mere moments, he was $21 million richer!

To add a cherry to the cake BOOM he even won a $5000 extra, secondary jackpot!

At Number 4 – $22.6 Million from Megabucks
74-year old Johanna Huendl from California put a slightly more substantial $170 in the machine at Bally’s, on the 27 March 2002, and managed to bag the larger-than-life $22.6 Million jackpot!

Huendl, who was a native of Vienna, was ecstatic already when she thought she’d won a tasty $2-million prize.

She was clearly even more euphoric when she discovered the full truth, that her first estimate was off and she had to add a zero to that!

At Number 3 – $27.5 Million from Megabucks
On November 15th 1998, a retired flight attendant from Vegas was upset because she accidentally put $300 into the Megabucks machine at Palace Station.

The 67-year-old couldn’t be upset for long though, because it turned out to be the best mistake of her life!

That day she won the first ever Megabucks jackpot to top $20-million!

At Number 2 – $34.9 Million from Megabucks
On January 26th 2000, a cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, played the Megabucks machine at the Desert Inn.

The 37-year-old had all her financial dreams come true, when she won the gargantuan $34.9 Million Jackpot!

At Number 1 – $39.7 Million From Megabucks
THE BIGGEST ONE EVER however, was won on the 21st of March 2003, by an unknown 25-year-old from Los Angeles.

The young man, who had some time to kill before going to watch a basketball game, decided to spin a few reels in Las Vegas whilst he waited.

He is quoted as saying ‘’It was the best decision of his life’’ when fate gave him the biggest and the best ever surprise!

That day he won a record-breaking $39.7 million!

He is still receiving it too, at $1.5 million per year for a whole 25 years!

You’ll find a plethora of wonderful Video Slot Machines to play, both online and at land-based casinos.

As you can see from this list of Top 5 Record Breaking Big Wins, there is still everything to play for!

It’s impossible to tell who the next record-breaking jackpot winner will be, but it will be a normal human being just like you!

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