Online casino superstitions you wouldn’t believe

casino gamesSince most casino games are games of chance and there are no exact techniques to increase the chance of winning… players turn to superstition traditions for some luck. Believing in superstitions is intrinsic to human nature, so even though some of such rituals may seem deranged, they are completely understandable. Also, it is natural that people form new superstitions in order to deal with unexplained phenomena.

Here are some examples of online casino superstitions:

Don’t cross your legs

When sitting at the table while playing card games it is considered bad luck to cross your legs. Same goes for crossing fingers – better don’t do it as it may cancel out any good luck. Superstitious players take this rule seriously also when playing from home at online casinos.

Wearing red

Wearing red for good luck is a tradition known not only to casino players. Red is especially significant in China, where it represents luck, wealth and joy. Casino players often wear red clothes, or even a small item that comes in red, such as underwear or hairpin. Some of the most successful players can be seen wearing the same lucky item of clothing for days of tournaments straight.

$50 banknote

It is a common superstition amongst American players – the $50 bill is believed to be unlucky to the point that some of the players would not accept such a bill as payment. It is also avoided when buying into a tournament or cash game. If you are superstitious and playing at an online casino, better refrain from betting with $50 denomination.

Lucky and unlucky numbers

Many people even outside casino gaming field consider the number 7 lucky and the number 13 unlucky. When it comes to casino players, any superstition like this one is taken extremely seriously.

The reason for number 13 being unlucky is unclear, however, casino players tend to be very careful when it comes to it – especially when playing roulette.

The number 7 is a symbol of prosperity and luck. It is considered a special number especially when it comes to slot games and some versions of blackjack.

Other things to avoid

There are many more things to be avoided to keep the bad luck away, such as playing with borrowed money, whistling during the play or turning in the chair. As you can see, the world of online casino gaming is full of superstitions!

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