7 cool facts you didn’t know about online casinos

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Surely you know what online casinos are, and what kind of entertainment they provide. But did you know these cool facts?

  1. A whopping amount of 18 million euros was the biggest win in the history of online casinos. It has been won on Mega Fortune after just 30 minutes of playing by a newcomer in online casino gaming. The winnings have been paid out by the PAF, a Finnish company operating online casinos.
  1. As much as 84% of all online casino players are men. Men tend to be more adventurous and into casino games which may explain the disproportion to some extent. However, a steady increase in female players has been shown annually.
  1. Roulette sometimes is sometimes referred to as to as the Devil’s game. It is because when adding up all the numbers in the wheel (1-36), the result is the devilish number 666. There is even a legend saying that François Blanc, a casino operator from the 19th century, made a deal with the devil to get an insight into the secrets of roulette.
  1. The first online casino was launched in 1994. It might be surprising as the Internet itself was a fairly new invention back then. It was a product by Microgaming, now a leading software provider for online gaming. Microgaming also released the first ever online progressive jackpot game which was called CashSplash.
  1. 11% of all the Internet users in the world are active online casino players. As the statistics show, the most preferred game by those actively playing is Poker. It is in fact the most popular online casino table game apart from the ever-popular slot games.
  1. The country that spends most money on online casino is Cyprus. The amount of €2.5 million euros is being spent on online gaming each year. It may not look like a big number, but take into consideration the fact that Cyprus only has a population of only 800 thousand people. This means that on average each Cypriot spends around €3125 euro at online casinos.
  1. ‘No one can win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking’ is a quotation supposedly said by Albert Einstein. Whether Einstein really said those words or not, he did make an attempt at calculating the regularity of the fallout of numbers in roulette and proved it impossible. Since online casino games are games of chance, any techniques that ‘guarantee’ winnings are just myths.

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