Best slot sites to get your game going

Slot machines are amongst the most popular casino games. In fact, they make up around 70 percent of the average income of any casino. Thanks to online slot sites you can enjoy the game all day long, without the need of dressing up all fancy and heading to the casino.

You don’t need any special skills to have a chance at winning big. Just take a spin at one of the slot sites and cross your fingers. Slots are a game of chance – with each spin, the computer program is choosing a random symbol on every reel. Payback is made depending on the probability of forming the winning combination and the pay-out for this particular combination.

Are you on a hunt for best online slots sites? Look no more, as you’ve arrived at a place which will help you choose your longed-for top slot site. Keep reading to find out about some of tasty bonuses in form of free spins which you can get once you register for the online casinos.

No game, no gain – so dip into the fun world of slot gaming, take a spin and enjoy yourself!

slot gamesNew slot sites with a free sign up bonus

To get your game going, many slot sites welcome you with exclusive promotions which in most cases include free spins. And there is no better way to get you started than by using free spins.

Thanks to free spins which often come as a part of casino’s welcome offer, you get to try out the games without risking your own money. Sounds really good, doesn’t it?

Check out our news section to get a hold of the best online slots sites and all the amazing rewards they have on offer.

Here is a little insight of great bonuses you can receive upon registration to particular casinos.

Extra funds for slots at Lucky Red Casino

lucky red casino

This is a great casino to play at if you’re a fan of slots. Not only do they have a vast collection of those games, there is also a jaw-dropping welcome bonus to use on slots.

  • 400% bonus up to $4000 to use on slot games with first deposit


  • 100% match bonus to use elsewhere in the casino

Play at Lucky Red Casino now!

18+ T&Cs Apply

300 bonus spins at Miami Dice Casino

miami dice

Join the exciting world of casino games at Miami Dice Casino, one of the slot sites with free spins. Get rewarded with 50 bonus spins while making your first deposit. Continue the fun and get 100 extra spins upon making your second deposit, and then get 50 free spins with your third deposit.

  • 50 free spins with first deposit
  • 100 free spins with second deposit
  • 50 free spins with third deposit

Play at Miami Dice Casino now!

18+ T&Cs Apply

Whopping 300 free spins at Casino Heroes

casino heroes

Casino Heroes is one of the top UK slot sites – their Welcome Bonus is a generous one. You can get up to 300 free slots to use on selected slot games when you make a deposit of £10 or more.

  • 300 free spins with first deposit

Play at Casino Heroes now!

18+ T&Cs Apply

Slot sites FAQs

What are progressive jackpots?

Most of the popular slot sites have progressive jackpots on their offer. A jackpot is the grand prize or pay-out. Progressive jackpot is an accumulation of jackpots that have not been won – with each game that is played, but the jackpot is not hit, the pay-out increases.

Once the progressive jackpot is hit, online slot sites reset the jackpot to a fixed value and resume increasing of the pay-out under the same rule.

What are bonus games?

Some of the slot sites have slots with bonus games available. To trigger bonus games, you need to draw a special combination of symbols on the reels. Once you get onto a bonus game, you are at chance of winning additional prizes, such as free spins or getting to spin a prize wheel.

What is Return to Player? (RTP)

Return to Player is an important term you need to be familiar with when aiming high at slot sites. Thanks to RTP you are able to tell what is the expected amount of payback to the player each slot game is predicted to give.

Simply put, it is the percentage of pay-out you can receive from a slot after you make a large number of spins.

What is hit frequency?

The hit frequency is a number which tells you how often does the slot land a winning combination. For example, hit frequency of 9% means the slot’s reels will stop at a winning combination for 9% of the time.

How do RTP and hit frequency interact?

Depending on the RTP and hit frequency in relation to each other there is a distinction between ‘loose’ and ‘tight’ slot machines:

  • ‘loose machines’ – higher hit frequency with lower payback percentage
  • ‘tight machines’ – lower hit frequency with higher payback percentage

When you’re aiming for a big win, choose the ‘tight machine’ which is more likely to provide a big jackpot over the ‘loose machine’ which, on assumption, features more small wins with higher frequency.

online casino slot gamesTypes of online slot machines

Online slot sites provide their players with many variations of slot machines. How can you pick the right one for yourself? Take a look at those types and decide which one would you enjoy the most.

3-reel slots

This is one the most popular types of machine featured on most slot sites. This kind of machines brings back the nostalgia of land-based games with their classic fruit and diamond symbols. They are also the most basic slots to play.

There will always be 9 symbols visible. The most common pay line formations are the middle three symbols from left to right or across the two diagonals.

Graphics of 3-reel slots are usually very basic, to make you feel like you’ve really travelled back in time and stepped into a retro gaming arcade.

3-reel slots are also often called classic slots or fruit machines.

5-reel slots

They are a digital variation of the classic slots. They are to be found at all the popular slot sites. 5-reel slots have more pay line combinations that the 3-reel slots. The pay lines can be formed horizontally and diagonally, but can also be formed in various shapes around the screen.

Advanced graphics and smooth experience of the game is an attribute of this type of slots. 5-reel slots are also called video slots.

3D slots

Similar to video slots, except all the graphics and animations are in 3D. The quality of gameplay in 3D slots is always top-notch. Most of new slot sites 2017 have this type of games in their collection so you can easily check them out for yourself!

Bonus slots

Bonus slots are a single pay line slots. In most cases the pay line is to be found in the middle row. Once the reels stop in the wanted position, the player has a chance of winning a bonus.

Penny slots

Multi-line machines where players can bet on multiple pay lines with as little as one-cent per line per spin.

Mobile slots

All the slots which can be found on mobile slot sites and played through a mobile device.

slot games

Where did new slot sites originate?

Classic slots

Slot sites with their various games have their origins in those funky machines with reels of fruit or other figures, which were to be found at casinos or game arcades.

The first slot machine came to life in California around 1895 thanks to an inventor named Charles Fey. It was the classic three-reeled machine with the familiar heart, spades and diamonds.

Soon, Fen opened the Slot Machine Factory. For sure he hadn’t been aware of just how much foundation he has given to the gaming industry.

Little did he know, that all the best slot sites in 2017 would have digitized versions of his very own invention.

Fancy some bubble gum?

A fun fact about early machines is they dispensed winnings in form of fruit-flavoured bubble gum. It was a way to overcome some of the gambling laws in particular states.

For the old-school feel head over to slot sites with double bubble which are stylized to bring back the nostalgia.

Slot machines are informally known as fruit machines, deriving from their 3-reel fruit figures. Probably most of the players are familiar with the image of a funky machine sitting in a casino, with spinning figures of cherries, lemons, plums, watermelons or oranges on the reels.

The popularity of such machines exploded in Britain around the ‘50s and ‘60s of the last decade. British people went crazy over fruit machines!

As for the first video slot machine, it was invented in 1976 in the US. It took us one step closer to the online slot sites as we know them today. With their growing popularity, video slot machines were to be found everywhere in Las Vegas Strip, eventually taking over the gaming world.

Online slot sites

It was in the early ‘00s when land-based machines started to be converted into their on-screen duplicates. This is why many of today’s online games at new slot sites are resembling some of the hit slot machines from the previous century.

The successor of desktop gaming is the mobile product. Developers are focusing more and more on mobile slot sites as many players choose this convenient way of playing – thanks to mobile slots you can literally take the games wherever you want and have them always at your hand!