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Odds of winning on an online slot machine

slot games

Slot odds refer to the overall payback throughout a machine’s lifetime. Slot machine odds are represented through the RTP (Return to Player) number in form of a percentage number. Just by looking at this number, it is possible to state what is the payback rate for the specific slot machine. Generally speaking, the closer to 100%, the better for the player.

For example: a payback percentage of 90 means that the casino would take about 10 percent of the winnings and give away the other 90 percent.

Most online slot machines are set to give between 96% and 98% in pay-outs. Such a high rate is guaranteed thanks to competition between online casinos and huge number of players interested in the game.

Before you start playing for real money, it is good to check slot payback info so you know what the slot odds are.

The overall wins and losses of previous players will somehow reflect what are the odds of winning at the particular slot machine.

Here are some rules about slot machine odds:

✔ Odds can’t be altered – As the machine’s payback percentage is established, it’s not possible to change it without a long governing process. Online slot games are frequently audited by third party companies to ensure the payback rates are kept at the same level to ensure fair play.

✔ It’s not possible to determine when a machine is going to pay out – Once the odds are established, it is impossible to predict when the next pay out is going to happen. As the odds of winning are determined by a random number generator, once you hit the ‘spin’ button the outcome gets determined – not before or not after, it happens exactly as the button is hit.

✔ There is no connection between spins –  There is a popular misconception about spins being linked together – when the symbols are close to creating a winning combination in one spin, people often think the next spin will finally bring that winning line together. It’s a false assumption as everything is random. Even if you were just one symbol away from landing the winning combination, it doesn’t mean anything towards the next spin. Just as well as hitting the jackpot doesn’t mean the next spin won’t be a winning one – you might hit that winning line twice in a row and it wouldn’t be anything extraordinary (in terms of probability of course).

How to beat the odds on slot machines?

oddsThat’s a good question. Since slots are a game of chance, there is not much you can do to help the winnings come your way. The odds of winning are the same for all players. Every spin brings the exact same chance of winning as the previous or the next one. Every slot game is controlled by a random number generator.

However, by choosing a slot machine with higher percentage of payback, you can help the winnings come your way. By picking a machine with higher percentage number over one with a small percentage number we can make sure that in case of hitting a jackpot, we get to keep a bigger part of it.

There are a few tips to help the game, such as being an informed player and knowing the odds of winning online slots for the games you are interested in. By picking the slots with best odds (best Return to Player rates) you are increasing your chances of winning some nice jackpots.

Jackpot casino slots – what are they all about

jackpotMost of the jackpot slots have a fixed winning amount. They are called ‘flat top’ machines, because the fixed jackpot won’t go above a certain amount, regardless of the number of people playing the slot and the number of bets placed.

Progressive jackpot slots are the ones that accumulate money to win each time a player places a bet and the jackpot is not hit. To find out what the current jackpot for the slot game is look out for a jackpot meter which should be located above the slot machine.

Some of the online slot games are linked together to accumulate the progressive jackpot. The more players place their bets, the bigger the jackpot gets. By linking a number of slots together, the jackpot grows larger at much faster rate.

How to win jackpots on slot machines?

There is no recipe to hit that dreamy jackpot. Slots are a game of chance; therefore, you just need to hope for that stroke of luck. However, you can pick a slot game depending on how much you would like to invest and depending on what are your expectations on possible winnings.

Pick ‘high volatility’ slots if you would like to win big jackpots but are prepared for bigger risk as pay outs at this kind of slots are fewer and farther between.

On the other hand, low volatility slots can provide more frequent wins with smaller jackpots.

It depends if you would like to risk more with hopes of hitting that crazy big jackpots, or you’re fine with risking less and putting yourself at chance of winning smaller jackpots. Whichever type of slot you choose to play is just a matter of personal choice and your preference in the level of risk you wish to take and the amount/frequency of winnings.

Online slots guide – how to play?


✔ Pick a game

Taking into account the differences in slot games, decide what kind of machine suits you best. When picking a game it’s also good to decide on products from some of the best games providers such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NexGen Gaming or Betsoft Gaming.

✔ Check it out

Many casinos offer free-play versions of their slot games. It’s an opportunity to check out a game before investing your own money. You can also use free spins which come as a part of welcome bonus in most casinos.

✔ Know the rules

Each slot has its own paytable which gives you all information about the game, such as a list of symbols and their pay, winning combinations, details about bonus rounds. Some of them provide info on Return to Player percentage.

✔ Decide on pay lines and bet sizes

Many slot machines let you pick a number of pay lines you would like to bet on. Next, you need to decide how many coins you would like to bet on each line. Usually you are allowed to place bets starting at €0.01.

For example: when you play a slot with 10 pay lines and bet a coin value of €1 on each line it means that each spin will cost you €10.

✔ Look out for special symbols

Most slot games include special symbols to help the game. The Wild symbol substitutes any other symbol to help create a winning combination. The Scatter symbol is a gateway to bonus rounds.

✔ Bet maximum

Betting maximum with every spin is the most effective strategy if you’re hoping to hit some nice jackpots. Only by putting in the maximum amount of coins you will be able to receive the maximum payback percentage from that machine.

✔ Try out different games

Don’t stick to just one slot game for the whole time. Even if you have just hit a nice jackpot, don’t be misled by thinking this machine is your best chance. You need to remember that all slot games are run on random-number generators so trying another game might just turn out lucky for you.

These are just some basic tips for you to know and help your game a little. If you would like to find out more about slots and casino gaming, make yourself welcome at our website and head over to other sections of the site.




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